Milk Bar images provided by Eamon Donnelly.

Milkbar is made for you

Most bikes are boring. That’s fine. But here’s the thing…You’re not. You’re epic and individual. You’ve got youth on your side or you’re still youthful inside. And that needs a new bike with style — not boring. A new bike listens to your music loud. It’s happy to lay in the park late or hold your ice cold drink and not melt over an ice cream drip. It says ‘Yes’ not maybe. A new bike exists to help you find freedom. The simple kind. Roaming summer streets. Breeze wrapping itself around your ears with the playlist your friend just made you. This thing carries dreams, hopes, school books and vinyl records. It’s a getaway. A gateway. A heavy metal transporter to whatever and wherever’s next for you because around the block might be the edges of your world right now, or the city could already be yours. A new bike is for everyone. For everyone to keep the world turnin’ and believe in more than boring — that includes You.