Manufacturer Warranty

We make bikes – and they look like they’re from another time because they are. They’re spring forked,
banana seated, sissy bar wielding throwbacks to a time where riding was more about freedom and fun
than lap-times and lycra.
We want everyone to enjoy our bikes. And part of making sure that’s always possible is our guarantee
to our customers that they’re getting a quality product – free of manufacturing faults or defects.
What does the Milkbar warranty (“Express Warranty”) include?
We’ve stripped away all the flimsy carbon fibre and over-tuned derailleurs, so our warranty is fairly
simple. It includes:

• A warranty against defects for the lifetime of any Milkbar standard steel or alloy frame
(“standard frame”).
• A warranty against defects on all Milkbar suspension bike frames for the period of 2 years
starting from the time of purchase.
• A warranty against defects on all Milkbar rigid forks for the period of 2 years
starting from the time of purchase.
• A warranty against defects on all Milkbar suspension forks for the period of 2 years
starting from the time of purchase.
• A 3 month warranty against defects on all other components.

A warranty against defects for the lifetime of the standard frame is not a guarantee that the standard
frame will last forever – it is the lifetime of the standard frame . The lifetime may vary based on use.
Please note as well that bike forks are not considered to be part of the frame.
If you have an issue with your Milkbar bike, know that we want to help you get it sorted. The first step
toward a fix is to reach out to the store where you purchased your Milkbar bike. If you bought your bike
online directly from us, please reach out to our customer service team.
The best way to do this is through our website – and the more information you
can provide, the better able we’ll be to address the issue for you. Providing your original purchase
information such as a receipt, the serial number found on your frame, and a description and photo of
the issue will give us plenty to work with.
Milkbar warrants that if, during the periods specified in the Express Warranty above, the bike or
specified parts thereof suffer from any defect caused by faults in materials or workmanship, Milkbar will
at Milkbar’s option (a) replace the bike, (b) exchange defective parts in the bike or (c) repair the bike.

The Finer Details

The bike is meant for personal recreational use only and must not be used on skate ramps, in
competitions, jumping, downhill racing, trick riding, trial riding, riding in severe conditions or climates,
riding with heavy loads or any other non-standard use. Using the bike in any of such conditions or
a combination of these conditions may result in an unpredictable failure that is not covered by this
Express Warranty. In addition, this Express Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, paint
damage and rust.
Warranties on a Milkbar products apply only to the original owner. They are not transferable and
will not cover those who purchase the product second-hand. Assembling your bike incorrectly may
void your warranty, as may improper maintenance. Please ensure you read the instruction manual
carefully. Any modifications, including motorised conversions or custom adaptations that may cause
the frame duress, will void all warranties. Your warranty includes the option of replacement or repair on
any Milkbar product that is found to be defective in materials or workmanship. It does not include any
damage caused to the frame due to a crash, abuse or stunt riding.
If your Milkbar bike is faulty upon receipt, or is not as described, we will gladly replace the item or offer
a refund on your purchase. Milkbar do not guarantee that a replacement will be an exact duplicate of
the originally purchased goods, but the product delivered as a replacement will not be lower in value
than the originally purchased goods. All returns for refund or replacement are subject to us receiving
the bike back within 30 days of receipt by the customer. The returned bike must be undamaged, unused
and in a sellable condition with its original packaging intact – unless this packaging was damaged prior
to the customers receipt of the product.
The rules governing consumer guarantees vary across countries, states and territories. For the most
accurate and up-to-date information relating to your warranty, we encourage you to consult with the
relevant consumer affairs advisory or legislative body in your area. For region specific information
relating to the definition of terms and guarantees made by Milkbar, see below:


In addition to the Express Warranty :
The bike comes with guarantees that cannot be
excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.
You are entitled to a replacement or refund for
a major failure and compensation for any other
reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are
also entitled to have the bike repaired or replaced
if the bike fails to be of acceptable quality and the
failure does not amount to a major failure.

“Milkbar” means Globe International Limited
1 Fennell Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207,
Telephone: (03) 8534 9999.


“Milkbar” means Osata Enterprises, Inc. – 225 S.
Aviation Blvd., El Segundo, California 90245, USA.
Telephone: 310-297-1600.