Javi | Black Licorice 20"

Skateboarders are different. They have this finely tuned ability to find freedom in risk. They also help define culture then, now and new. Most navigate the city, their neighbourhood, parks (and any place really) with a flow. When they get on a bike, the flow comes with them. It may just be to the corner store. Picking stuck licorice from teeth on the way back riding with a kind of glide. The lines skaters take feel out the road, sweep around the bends, push out from the curb and arc across the expanses. It looks like music and sounds like fun. 20” wheels, banana seats and spring forks with nostalgic aesthetics and touches of gold all shrouded in the blackest of heavy metal black. Skateboarders remind us to not take life too serious, they show us to take life on. Young or not, everyone deserves to feel freedom. Take a different line with this bike. Go get some licorice stuck in those teeth.