Gerry | Black Licorice 26"

Some things only work if they’re heavy. The loudest music is like that. Same for bikes. There’s satisfaction in cruising through your neighbourhood on a solid, heavy frame and epically smooth tyres. We’re not exactly sure.. but we also believe that the deepest, heaviest, licorice inspired matt black paint also adds extra heaviness to the enjoyment. It’s technical. Like memories of your first concert, or last weekend, there’s a nostalgia for the aesthetic of this black beauty. From the curve of the frame, the banana seat, spring forks, 26” wheels and feel on the street, we’ve even managed to give you flashes of gold inspired by amplifier dials and the wall of sound. Ride to the corner store with friends. Choose the deepest, heaviest black licorice (ok..or ice cream) Turn up your volume. Turn it up again. And
Enjoy. Heavy Metal never grows old.