Summer | Icy Chrome 20"

How good is riding to the beach with friends and going for a surf or swim or whatever, then having an icy pole? One of the great simple pleasures in life. How good is riding a bike home in the late afternoon with no shoes and wet flowing hair in the summer breeze? That’s two examples of epic good. You can be old or new, the feeling is eternal. A new bike is an eternal joy for your soul. Super shiny, with 20” wheels, a curvy frame, banana seat and spring forks that feel nostalgic for the past but can only be from ‘right now’ as you shake the sand out of your towel, ears and smile. The simple summer day reflects off the chrome frame as it lay on the front yard grass with your friends and their wet heads, icy pole grins and a reminder that some bikes are not for climbing hills, beating time trials or sitting in packs. They only exist to better your life in the coolest way. One icy pole at a time.