Tanner | Icy Chrome 26"

Roam. You can take that feeling anywhere — the feeling of freedom. Through big cities. Cool neighbourhoods. Back blocks and front yards. Roaming. Think of the Icy Chrome like a shiny stylish transporter. It may take you for a surf at a fun summer beach break. Find you at tomorrow nights party or coasting local roads for coffee. And like most things, if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right. 26” wheels, banana seat, spring forks and most noticeably, an epic modern classic aesthetic for the discerning commuter. There is a dose of nostalgia to the Icy Chrome. The best bits of looking back…words like ‘quality and craft’ or bands like ‘Aerosmith’ and ‘Blondie’. Both of which loved to roam all over the world. But it’s the future which is now. And the incredibly shiny mirror finish on the Icy Chrome reflects only one face. Yours. So go roam.