Sugar Buzz Electric 20"
Sugar Buzz Electric 20"
Sugar Buzz Electric 20"
Sugar Buzz Electric 20"
Sugar Buzz Electric 20"
Sugar Buzz Electric 20"
Sugar Buzz Electric 20"
Sugar Buzz Electric 20"
Sugar Buzz Electric 20"
Sugar Buzz Electric 20"
Sugar Buzz Electric 20"
Sugar Buzz Electric 20"
Sugar Buzz Electric 20"
Sugar Buzz Electric 20"
Sugar Buzz Electric 20"
Sugar Buzz Electric 20"

Sugar Buzz Electric 20"

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Color Pink Lemonade

The checker flag drops, the rubber grips the road, full throttle, hoon off in an electric storm, smoking the competition. There’s a universal thrill and excitement for going fast. Satiate that need for speed in style, with less of the pedalling, way less of the pedalling.
Introducing MilkBar’s Sugar Buzz Electric bikes. Roll up on your hot rod rig; Like something from an Ed Roth Rat Fink cartoon, or straight from the Hot Rod Body Shop. The MilkBar Sugar Buzz Electric bike is a one of its kind. That sugar hit never tasted sweeter. Take off with a punch, climb hills with ease or hoon around town running amok. The Sugar Buzz E-bike goes all out with the powerful 250w ‘Bafang’ motor and superior mid drive fit out. Smoke the competition. Hit that boost button, then hit it again. E-bike like a baller on your MilkBar Sugar Buzz Electric bike!

  • All Of The Style, Less Of The Pedaling 
  • Built Up From Our ‘Sugar High’ Bikes In Melbourne, AUS
  • Pedal Assist + Throttle For As Much Or As Little Legwork As You Prefer 
  • 3-5 Days Battery Life On A Full Charge - The More You Pedal, The Longer The Battery Will Last*
  • Mid-Drive Motor Takes Off With A Punch 
  • Low-Profile Display Shows Your Speed And Can Adjust Your Power Level 
  • 250w Bafang Motor Will Do 25km/H Easily
  • Road Legal In AUS, USA, Europe**

Some product images shown with optional decal kit. We ship these kits separately, so you can decide which theme (if any) you prefer, placement, and how hard to go with them.

Recommended 140cm min rider height

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Mid-drive powerful and reliable Bafang motor adds a fluid boost to your riding. Starting and switching between throttle and pedalling is seamless. With 250w of additional power you'll find the rolling hills a breeze! Ride hard if you choose and get your sweat on, or let the bike do the heavy lifting - the choice is yours!

Electric bikes in Australia are limited to 250w and will assist you up to 25km/hr - going faster than this is up to the effort of the rider. Any motor providing more power will be classified as a motorbike and must be registered and ridden by a licenced rider to be road legal.


Low profile waterproof screen shows how fast you’re traveling, your battery and range, and allows you to select your power boost level. Level 1 uses the least amount of battery and will greatly extend your range, where level 5 provides the most acceleration and pedal assist. It’s all function with this mini LCD that doesn’t detract much from the look of the bike.


Under saddle mounted 36V battery keeps you moving stylishly without screaming “I am riding an electric bicycle!” Our batteries are certified to Australian standards, and include an on/off switch and wall-charger. The entire battery slides off the rack mount when unlocked so you can bring it inside to deter theft or to charge separately.

Sticker Decal packs are sold separately, 3 themes available

Also comes with

~ Timeless steel frame – because heavy metal never grows old
~ Boots or barefoot, you won’t be slipping off these heavy metal alloy pedals

~ Double hand-levered V-brakes, and no foot brake to get hung up on at red lights
~ Chain guard will keep you from shredding your jeans
~ Spring fork suspension for a ride that’s smooth like butter on a warm day
~ Adjustable banana seat with extra cushioning, so you don’t feel every crack in the pavement
~ Kick stand will keep some of you from just dropping it on the lawn
~ Front and back fenders for all your free-roaming, puddle-charging antics
~ Old-school sissy bar with lots of holes to choose your seat height, and for mounting racks and accessories
~ High-rise handlebars for flowing lines and laid-back cruisin’
~ 20” or 26" white wall low-pro tires that will pound the pavement and the earth
~ Reflectors and low-profile bell come along in the box because the man says you need em

Please Note:

* Battery range estimates depend on conditions such as rider weight, speed, temperature, wind, tire pressure, terrain, incline, etc. etc. etc. Suffice it to say that mileage may vary. That being said, we’ve done a lot of ride testing and no one has been stuck in the middle of their ride anywhere to date.

** E-bike regulations can vary from country to country and state-to-state, and are regularly changing. It’s up to you to ensure whether this bike meets road legal requirements in your location at the time of purchase.

*** We reserve the right to make changes to the product information contained on this site at any time without notice, including specifications, colors, materials, and pricing. Due to supply chain issues, similar compatible parts may be substituted without notice